Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mysoori or the Mysorean race

The term Mysore is derived from the name Mahishasura, it is an ancient establishment dating back to the era of chalukyas and much past it.
Mysore was not very relevant as a state nor at the helm of affairs until, it shone at the centrestage of the world during the reign of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

Mysore has been a melting pot of various cultures, Kannadigas (kshatriyas of the Chola, Chalukya dynasties, Vijayanagara Kingdom, etc.), the early Afghan settlers running away from the massacre of Genghis Khan via the land route, the Traders and Merchants of Arabia via the sea route,  Warrior tribes from Samarkhand, the soldiers of Khanate, Marathas.
All these different races mixed and formed this race of people called the Mysooris or Mysoreans.
Fearless, Loyal, sturdy yet caring, accepting and tolerant.
This place has been known for it's accepting, tolerant and loving people (till date the people of karnataka are considered far tolerant towards immigrants from various other states)

The Mysorean, Mysoori (in Urdu) became prominent as a sturdy opposing entity to the the British empire in India. No Indian state nor any country can claim to equal the fear struck at the hearts of the English, than the forces of Mysore. A force to reckon with, the Mysorean Army was a single unit under the one command of their able leader. Technologically advanced, they had a strong Naval presence along the Malabar coast. They had trade ties with countries from Africa, Europe and south east Asia and a strong industrial setup which was self sustaining.

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